Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Sunday, July 15, 2012

This is my Presentation It is about the Scientific Revolution

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Cell Phones in the Classroom

I completely agree with the author that cell phones should be allowed in the classroom. She brings up some great points on why cell phones should be allowed. I especially like where she mentions that our students will use cell phones in the work place and with college so why not help them now. If teachers are refusing to allow cell phones in the classroom they are only hindering the students education. I also liked how she said that administrators are using them for other reasons, so students should be allowed to as well. I allowed students to use cell phones for different activities and it was a very positive outcome. The students were much more engaging and will to interact because they enjoy having their phones out.
Why Cell Phones should be allowed

Digital Storytelling Project

Here is my Digital Storytelling Project. It is about Bishop O'Connell High School.

Monday, July 2, 2012

Power Point is Evil

I read the article on Power Point is evil. I agree with the author on some points but not all of his. He states that Power Point is used for corporations and business and should be used in the classroom. I agree that it shouldn't be used in the same way as business but it can be different for the classroom. I used Power Point the majority of the time, but mine was very different. I used thousands of pictures and videos to keep mine interesting. I also used mine as a foundation for lecture and notes, giving the students the basics. I enjoyed Power Point and my students did as well. I do like using it  while also using other methods as well. I do agree with the author;s last statement though. He states that we need to respect our audience and that is something I know I need to get better at.

Common Sense Media

I choose a lesson plan that dealt with 9th graders. I choose the lesson referring to "sexting" This is an issue that I have heard about from students and know that it is very hard to stop and contain. This lesson revolved around students watching a video of a true story, and then coming up with strategies to stop sexting. This is a peer pressure issue but I believe that in groups students would come up with good strategies. I liked how the lesson also viewed the differences between boys and girls sexting. There is a much different approach and much different treatment of boys versus girls when it comes to sexting. This lesson also gives great alternatives for students and that is very critical. Students will not want to listen or change if there is not an alternative.